Tiger Stadium showing by invite only, Public Shut Out
Daviv Josar, The Detroit News, Saturday Dec.16th

Comerica thrives as fabled park dies
Bill McGraw in the Detroit Free Press Sept. 1st

"Stranded" wins top prize at the Battle Creek Film Festival.

Tiger Stadium to be torn down.
Detroit Frees Press
The Detroit News

Stranded at The Corner World Premiere in High Definition at the beautiful historic Gem Theatre in Detroit sold out!. Monday April 24th, view a "clip reel" of TV reports about the premiere. (thanks to Mike D.)

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"Stranded" hits a home run

Terry Foster say's "Stranded" a Must See!

John Monaghan in the Detroit Free Press

Lynn Henning in The Detroit News

The Jewish News


Historic marker stolen from Tiger Stadium.
The Detroit News/Associated Press, Thursday June 1, 2006