Comedian Thom Sharp riffing on the sorry state of maintenance at Tiger Stadium. Notice the "missing" Ty Cobb plaque in the background.
Director/Camera Gary Glaser.

Photo by Rachel Schoenbart.

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Here's the first clip we've posted. It features
Thom Sharp, Curt Guyette from MetroTimes and attorney/writer Bill Dow.

Use the player controls: left hand side under the screen. You can play, rewind, pause and scrub.
Running time: 2 min.21 sec. Enjoy!

Here's part 2 of Thom Sharp. This clip features
Maryann Mahaffey; Detroit City Council President,
Steve Thomas
; Owner of Designated Hatter
and Frank Rashid; founding member of the
Tiger Stadium Fan Club and Professor at Marygrove College.
Running time: 3 min. 24 sec.
Bigger Frame! File size approx. 4MB.

These clips are designed to give you a taste,
and may not reflect the final cut.

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